Auburn Fans, Fresh Off A 35-19 Loss In The Sugar Bowl, Celebrated Alabama’s Loss By Rolling Toomer’s Corner

Okay, I get it. Old rivalries die hard. I understand that rivalries in the south run deep, but this is stupid. Auburn and their fans are fresh off of an embarrassing 35-19 loss in the Sugar Bowl, and that’s putting it lightly. Rolling Toomer’s Corner after Alabama losing the National Championship on the LAST PLAY is pathetic, but it’s also why I love college football. College football fans don’t give a DAMN how pathetic something is, because at the end of that day, you want to know something, all of our lives are pathetic. SO, why not have some damn fun while we are on this earth. And you know what’s fun….coming together….in the only way we, as humans, know how to……hating the same thing

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