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The “Where Is He Going To Go?” Najee Harris Saga Has Had A Hell Of A Month

If you go on Najee Harris’ 247 page, this is what you are going to see:

Yes, that does say he is a “hard commit” to Alabama. He has been committed to the crimson tide since April 2015! So, why is there so much discussion on Harris and where he is going to go?

Let’s start with the beginning of August, when Harris decided to attend a BBQ at Michigan:

This caused a little speculation.

Then in October, Najee hinted that he wasn’t 100% set on Alabama in this pipe bomb:“I’m going to take my five visits, but I just don’t know where,” Harris told USA Today. “Let’s say this: My mind isn’t set on Alabama. I’m not 100 percent set on Alabama. I’m trying to see what else is out there for me. I’m using my visits to see. As much attention as I’ve gotten, I feel like I have helped my teammates get some offers, too.”

Fast forward to three weeks ago when Najee started to follow a bunch of Michigan players on Instagram (this got a lot of Michigan Men VERY excited):

To get those same Michigan Men even MORE excited, Harris’ brother tweeted this out:

During all of this, Najee decided that he wasn’t going to tell anyone where he is going to school, but instead he is just going to show up:

This spewed Alabama QB commit Tua Tagovailoa (great name) to tell everyone to CHILL OUT:

247 Sports-Alabama QB commit Tua Tagovailoa told 247Sports that Harris and him were “on the same flight,” from San Antonio to Birmingham on Sunday. Harris said earlier the week he wouldn’t deliver a final announcement after Saturday’s U.S. Army All-American Bowl; instead he’d quietly get on a plane and show up in either Alabama or Michigan.

“Everybody is making up stories, and making up stories I think to Michigan is what everyone is saying,” Tagovailoa said.

Tagovailoa has also said this week that Harris is also his scheduled roommate in Tuscaloosa.

Tracked down for confirmation in the hallways of the Grand Hyatt hotel, Harris playfully said, “What flight? I don’t even know my flight.”

THEN on Wednesday, a “source” told 247 that Tua was wrong AND that Harris actually has a flight to Oakland after the Army All-American Bowl.

THEN on Thursday, ANOTHER SOURCE told 247 that Harris was requesting a flight change BACK to Alabama.

(Yes, this is as confusing to me as it is to you)

After the Army All-American Bowl yesterday, Najee said this:

This quote spewed a great conversation between a Michigan and Alabama fan:

Nothing brings together two fan bases like telling an eighteen-year-old to hurry up the biggest decision of their life, so THEY can move on with their lives.

The latest turn was last night when Alabama commit Vandarius Cowan tweeted out a picture of him FaceTiming with Tua and Harris:

EDIT: As I finished this post, this came out:

This may be the end of this, but it may not….we’ll see.

P.S. Najee Harris may have just executed the greatest troll in the history of CFB. 

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