Alabama’s Punter Is Really Good At Solving Rubix Cube’s And Alabama Fans Are PROUD Of That, posted this today:

Pretty cool video. I must say, JK Scott is kind of contributing to the stereotype that kickers are nerds, and that’s something they don’t need right now. If I were Scott I would take the MLK route (MLK avoided being late, eating friend chicken and watermelon) and avoid everything that perpetuates that kickers/punters aren’t real people, but instead nerds.

This blog isn’t entirely for me to brag about my knowledge on MLK, but instead to point out how Alabama fans are going FULL heel:

Nothing like bragging about your punter knowing how to solve a Rubix Cube. Just another chance for this Alabama fan to let you know that Alabama is bringing in “meta-humans” ACROSS THE BOARD. Keep it up, Bama Fans. Don’t stop heeling it up anytime soon.

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