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There’s A Warrant Been Issued For Harvey Updyke After He Skipped His Court Appearance

Yes, the infamous Harvey Updyke, the man who poisoned Toomer’s Corner and has paid 3.6% of his fine for that incident, is back in the news:

WSFA-Lee County Judge Jacob Walker has issued a warrant to hold Harvey Updyke in contempt of court for not appearing for a restitution hearing Tuesday.

A status hearing was held Tuesday afternoon in Lee County Circuit Court related to Updyke’s restitution.

Updyke failed to appear in court and paperwork he was ordered to complete in October is missing.

Honestly, at this point in Updyke’s life, I’d be more surprised if Updyke showed.

Updyke’s attorney Andrew Stanley says his office notified Updyke of the hearing and didn’t have a good answer about why he didn’t show.

An Alabama Parole Officer said the paperwork could be with Louisiana’s Parole Office, who is monitoring Updyke. Requests for the paperwork from Louisiana have gone unanswered.

Last year, Updyke paid roughly $1,200 of restitution. To date he’s paid less than $5,000 of the nearly $800,000 ordered by Judge Jacob Walker.

I really hope Updyke’s sub par answer about not showing was, “I have to prepare for Clemson.”

Updyke’s attorney mentioned his client is in poor health with heart problems among other issues, but no medical records have been produced to back up those statements.

This is the most classic move in the book. I barely watch courtroom TV shows, but the “my old client has a heart problem” move by the scummy lawyer is as classic as the Rose Bowl.

P.S. I would LOVE to know what Updyke’s attorney is getting paid. 

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