Nick Saban Is SICK Of Your Lane Kiffin Questions

For the first time since he announced Lane Kiffin would not be the offensive coordinator for the NCG against Clemson on Monday, Nick Saban had a press conference. As expected, that press conference featured a lot of questions about Lane Kiffin, which perturbed Saban:

He was asked about Kiffin’s comments on Mike & Mike this morning: Kiffin said this multiple times during an interview on Mike & Mike Tuesday morning: I’m still going to help Alabama and new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian however I can in advance of the Tide facing Clemson in the national championship game next Monday.

Kiffin told Mike & Mike that he and Alabama are looking into whether he’s allowed to be involved during the game next Monday and whether he can essentially flip-flop with Sarkisian, who was in the press box for previous Tide games while serving as an offensive analyst.

“We do not know legally whether we can do that,” Kiffin said. “Sidelines for sure would not, but the press box would be ideal because that would exchange Sark and I what his role was and then what my role was. Then he can come down to the field and coach the players.”

Unreal. Maybe Saban is just saying this for whatever reason, but if Kiffin made that up, that would be one of his biggest stunts.

All of this stuff made Saban ANGRY:

Man, pissed of Nick Saban is the best Nick Saban. I’m not sure why he is mad, though. I know Saban has been in a film room coma for the past 72 hours, but he had to know this decision to move on from Kiffin, a WEEK before the national championship game, was HUGE news. It’s like me cheating on my girlfriend and then being surprised when she questioned me about it. Even when you are the king of the south, your decisions do have consequences.

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