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Something Happened Between Lane Kiffin And Nick Saban And I Will Pay $100 To Find Out What

This morning the world stopped:

Yes, Alabama just changed offensive coordinator’s SEVEN days before the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. This could be possibly the most absurd moment of the 2016 CFB season, but that doesn’t take into account that this situation included Lane Kiffin.

Now, something must’ve happened, right? Saban may be college football’s Niccolo Machiavelli, but he isn’t that ruthless. It turns out something DID happen:

Sooooo, yeah, I need to know everything and I needed to know it YESTERDAY. This seems like it could be the greatest #content to ever come out of college football.

Anyways, as we wait, here are some of the best tweets from this morning:

This is the saddest tweet ever:


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