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West Virginia And Miami Got Into A Verbal Fight At A Charity Function For Kids With Life-Threatening Illnesses

Palm Beach Post-They were there for a charity function, so it’s good the verbal jabs between Miami and West Virginia players Monday didn’t escalate to a physical level.

Several Mountaineers, wearing their navy blue game jerseys, and a few orange-clad Hurricanes had to be separated on at least two occasions as they mouthed off to one another in Kissimmee on Monday, two days before the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando.

The smack talk was mostly between Florida-bred players. They made no physical contact, but made plenty of promises to settle the beef at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at Camping World Stadium (ESPN).

They were donating their time to the Give Kids the World Village, a 79-acre retreat where children with life-threatening illnesses and their families enjoy a free getaway with “whimsical accommodations” and playgrounds, pools and rides, according to the resort.

Here is my impression of an annoying, unoriginal tweeter:


One player, West Virginia star receiver Shelton Gibson Jr., was heard above the song “Cha Cha Slide” saying toward Miami’s defensive backs, including Elder and senior safety Jamal Carter, “You ain’t met me.”

West Virginia defensive end Adam Shuler, a wide-eyed Longwood native whose numerous tattoos include the “407” zip code and the “100” emoji, was among the loudest. He seemed to irritate Miami safety Rayshawn Jenkins by asking him loudly and incredulously, “You play?”

The irony there: Jenkins, a senior from Tampa, has played in 48 games, has nine career interceptions and was an honorable mention All-ACC pick. Shuler, a redshirt freshman, is listed as a backup. He has one sack in 12 games this year.

Yeah, I’m not fucking with a guy who has a 100 emoji tattoo….or giving him a job, for that matter.

Two West Virginia players, Stuart native Xavier Preston, a linebacker, and safety Dravon Askew-Henry, stood next to and mimicked the poses of Miami players as the Hurricanes took a photo with a family.

Unbelievable. This is so unbelievable it’s laughable. Classy move by West Virginia. Why put aside your high school football beef when you are trying to bring some joy to a bunch of 8-year-old’s who have life-threatening diseases, am I right?

“Bye Felicia!” Shuler shouted as the Canes walked by a group of Mountaineers, toward the exit. “Hey, why you talking while you leaving?” a teammate called out. “Why you walking and talking?”

A few Hurricanes stopped and turned.

“Stacy!” Preston shouted to Stacy Coley. “You ain’t wanna tell me nothing.”

Miami staffers corralled Coley, and a few others who had stopped, and kept them moving. For several minutes after the Hurricanes departed, the Mountaineers were bubbling with bravado.

“We’re gonna make No. 29 drop out the draft,” an unidentified Mountaineer said in reference to Elder, Miami’s top defensive player. “Don’t even let him be a free agent.”

I am somehow SO excited for the Russell Athletic Bowl now.

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  1. Maybe don’t plagiarize this article word-for-word next time. What you’ve done is illegal.

    1. Relax. Everything that was taken from your article is credited to you. I cited you as the source for the story and every part from your site is quoted.

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