Welcome Back, Randy Edsall, I Guess?

Today, the unexpected happened:

Most don’t remember this, but as a UConn fan, I do….Randy Edsall left UConn in one of the biggest dick moves of all time:

Hartford Courant-“We were on hold for a half-hour, with the operations manager telling us Edsall would be coming on in a few minutes. When Edsall came on he was like, “I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry I can’t do this in person, but due to circumstances … I just want to let you know that it’s not because of you guys. But it’s an opportunity for my family. … I can move on feeling like I’ve accomplished things here and I’m leaving the program in a good way.”

“A couple of coaches said that was BS. … They didn’t know about it. He hadn’t told any of us.

“It really pisses me off because he made Jordan (Todman) address the team last night to say he was leaving. And he isn’t man enough to do it face to face to us?”

Yeah, so Edsall made his star player tell the entire team he was leaving (which all the players knew about), but couldn’t do the same. This left a BITTER taste in a lot of UConn fans mouths. It didn’t get better when they turned around and made the worst hire of all time:

Which then turned into hring a psychopath:

So, where does this leave us? As a UConn fan, am I okay with this hire? Kind of:

This was UConn’s best option for the current moment. The donors and ex-players LOVE Edsall, which will bring some momentum to the program, which at this point is, honestly, a joke. Even though his departure didn’t signal this, I truly believe Edsall LOVES UConn football. He knows how to find diamonds in the rough in both recruiting (look at all the UConn players who made it in the NFL after UConn ranked in the bottom of recruiting rankings years after year) and coaching (he gave Joe Moorehead and Todd Orlando their starts). His players seemed to LOVE playing for him. He had a difficult time with the Connecticut media, but his actions after Jasper Howard’s murder showed that Edsall is a good guy that cares.

It’s going to be a challenge, but I think this was a decent move. All the fans who once loved UConn football know the name Randy Edsall, and maybe that will bring them back to Rentschler Field. There was serious momentum for UConn Football the year they made it to the Fiesta Bowl. If Edsall can get to that point in momentum again, UConn football may get to the point where they are offered a Power 5 spot, which is the ultimate goal here.

It all comes down to this: looking at the history, if Randy Edsall can rebuild this program that he initially built, he will be forgiven, but if not, all the good that Edsall brought to UConn will be forgotten. We’ll check back in on this in 4-5 years.


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