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Indiana Coach Kevin Wilson Fired After Allegedly Not Believing In Concussions

On Saturday, after Indiana’s game, QB Zander Diamont had an interesting comment:

Most saw this and didn’t think much, but it launched an investigation into Indiana’s Kevin Wilson and his handlings of concussions:

Then some more stuff started coming out:

Annnnddddddd Kevin Wilson was then fired:

Unacceptable behavior. There is no other way to put it. It’s 2016, if you are rushing your players back from concussions, you deserve to be fired. I understand you want to be the “tough” football coach that is from the “old school.” I know your high school coach from 1967 told you “concussions are for pussy’s.” I know you believe that if you don’t exit a game with a headache you didn’t play hard enough.  but it’s time to change your ways. If you can’t, the game will move on without you.

I hope the football community as a whole punishes Kevin Wilson. He should not be allowed back in the game immediately as so many coaches have before. It’s time to send a message that football coaches as a whole care about the future of their players, on and off the field.

P.S. Here are some interesting tweets: 

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