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The Baylor Sexual Assault Case Continues To Get Worse And Worse And Worse…..

We’ve talked about Baylor’s ex-Title IX coordinator Patty Crawford a couple times now. It all started when she threatened to put Baylor on blast for their mishandlings of sexual assault cases after they didn’t pay her enough money to stay quiet. It turned out that Crawford didn’t initially put Baylor on the quality of blast we expected, but then a few weeks later she kind of did….it seemed to everyone that Crawford was slowly coming out of her shell, which was keeping all of the Baylor secrets from the rest of the world.

Today, Crawford took another effort to get out of that shell, when she dropped this BOMBSHELL:

Dallas NewsCrawford told me that by February 2015, a little more than three months after Baylor hired her, she began hearing from women who had a dreadful narrative to relate. They described what sounded to Crawford like a hazing ritual that had gone on as recently as the 2011-12 school year in which freshman football players took the women to parties where they suffered “the most disgusting, sickening, violent” assaults by older players.

One of the women told Crawford that the gang rapes were videoed and that she learned what had happened to her only when a football player showed her the recording. “It was like a hazing situation based on seniority in the football program,” Crawford told me.

Not going to comment on this accusation by Crawford. I think we can all agree on one thing, if that’s true, that’s disgusting.

What I am going to comment on is the brilliance of this PR tour by Patty Crawford. She knew it would be a mistake to release all the dirt she had on Baylor at once, because everybody would digest it, talk about it for a few days, then forget about it. Instead, Crawford is releasing this slowly. This will keep her in the news which she will be able to profit off of because she’s 100% writing a book about this as we speak. Yes, you can debate the morals of profiting off of what happened at Baylor, but all I know is I respect brilliant PR moves, and that’s what is happening with the brilliant Patty Crawford right now. Tip of the internet cap to you, Mrs. Crawford.

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