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Harvey Updyke Has Paid Only 3.6% Of His 796k Fine For Poising Toomer’s Corner Auburn University deals with the aftermath of last weekend’s tree fire at Toomer’s Corner, it continues to receive minimum monthly payments of $100 from Harvey Updyke for poisoning the original oaks in 2010.

After Updyke pleaded guilty to the crime, Circuit Judge Jacob A. Walker III ordered Updyke to pay $796,731.98 in restitution in 2013 to help the university replace the trees and make up for lost revenue due to their removal.

A representative at the Elmore County Clerk’s Office told Wednesday that Updyke still owes $793,852.98, meaning he has paid off just 0.361 percent of the balance. He made payments of $100 every month in 2016 except in June and August. He made a double payment in September, so is behind by one.

With court costs and legal fees added in, Updyke currently owes $813,378.48 in total. He is on supervised probation after serving six months of jail time for the crime and has an upcoming hearing Oct. 18.

Unbelievable. This is paying for your parking ticket with pennies. I’m sure Updyke doesn’t have the money, but even if he won the Powerball tomorrow, he’d continue to pay the minimum payment every month just out of principle.

Also, why the fine is $793,852.98. How did the County Clerk Office decide to put that extra 98 cents. What would have been an all-time troll would’ve been having that been 6 cents instead of 98….#KickSix.


We’ll never forget you, Harvey Updyke. Ever.

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